Nautilus Living Centers is the life changing collaboration of sober living and a healthy, fit lifestyle. Nautilus Living Centers’ mission is to focus on giving those in recovery not only an affordable, supportive, sober environment to help matriculate back into the real world with, but also a structured, fit lifestyle to improve body, mind, and spirit — All core beliefs in the Nautilus program.

We provide affordable, supportive living environments with an emphasis on health and fitness integration. We do this because: a) of the overwhelming science behind fitness as it pertains to active and sustained recovery, and b) treatment is heavily lacking in full health/fitness services.

Jason Shoemaker
Co-Founder and CEO

Jason Shoemaker received his BS in Business and is currently in the process of completing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Born and raised in Pittsburg, PA, as he traveled the world, Jason has had many opportunities to utilize his BA degree and help individuals with their own personal struggles.

Jason’s passion for helping individuals in recovery was cemented after his own personal struggle with addiction. His experience with his own journey innately made it clear to Jason that his purpose personally and professionally was to be of service to those in need.

In order to increase his effectiveness in reaching this professional goal, he received his Executive Life Coach Certification in 2015 from the Prestigious NLP Programme in London while working for various treatment programs in Malibu, California.

Jason received an MBA from American University and most recently, decided to combine his entrepreneurial skills with experience in the treatment industry. In May 2017 partnered with Foundations Recovery Network, Jason opened up Nautilus Recovery Group in Los Angeles and NOW Addiction Centers in Palm Springs, California.

Jason continues to help others and seek out new opportunities by assisting the recovery industry nationwide become more efficient, effective, and improve quality of standard.

Lindsay Piatti
Group Facilitator

After serving in the US Air Force, Lindsay developed a passion to help guide people towards a healthier lifestyle.  She studied nutrition, earned her PT certification and started her personal training business in 2008.  Fully embracing the physical aspects of the military, she created workout programs that blended boot camp style training with weightlifting, producing excellent results.  


Always hungry for everything fitness, she is an NPC bikini competitor and was a finalist for both the BodySpace spokesmodel competition and Flex Bikini model search. She has been published in fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex Magazine, Oxygen Magazine and many more. She is a P90X athlete and is in the most current video, 22 Minute Hard Corps.


Living and breathing fitness, she has gained a love for helping people achieve their goals to live a healthier, happier life.  She coaches not only fitness competitors but also those struggling with addiction. She started working with Nautilus in January 2018 and fell in love with being a part of their road to recovery. Her life advice, nutrition tips and training sessions have become an essential part of their rehabilitation. 


Lindsay continues to gain experience in providing others with a better quality of life and health. 

Ari Labowitz
Clinical Client Liaison

Ari’s work is dedicated to helping people develop healthy, productive, and satisfying lives and relationships. Ari believes that, while it can be difficult to make the decision to begin psychotherapy, starting does not mean you have failed.  The courage to seek assistance and acknowledge you need support is a sign of strength rather than weakness.


Ari uses a strengths-based approach, while using a humanistic practice to allow the client to feel safe and grow.  He has an extensive background working with individuals, couples, and families. He treats each person as an individual, assessing his or her difficulties, and focusing on their positives. 


A focus of Ari’s profession surrounds the drug and alcohol treatment field.  He has extensive experience and knowledge surrounding the recovery field, and has brought that knowledge to many treatment centers he has worked and consulted with, including his own treatment center that he recently sold.


As a former music producer, Ari has unique insight into the various demands and pressures of the entertainment industry.  As most musicians, actors, and others in the entertainment field know, mental toughness is half the battle, and Ari likes to consider himself somewhat of an expert on the psychological side.  Ari’s clients, who devote their lives to the industry, find therapy to be an invaluable tool for keeping them focused and energetic.

Ari has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (MA).  He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California and is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  In addition to private practice, he has worked in high schools, counseling centers, and corporate settings, and has treated clients diverse in ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, and life circumstances.