We emphasize major components of sustainable recovery!

Nautilus gives clients access to their own personal trainer who can run fitness classes for the entire house, or personalize a fitness program to fit specific needs. There is a massive body of scientific evidence promoting exercise as a powerful tool for recovery and lasting sobriety, yet this is extremely underutilized in the industry. Nautilus intends to be at the forefront of recovery housing by using health and fitness to their greatest capacity.
Aside from the exceptional health benefits of fitness, the group classes promote social interaction, teamwork, heightened self esteem, and empowerment to overcome obstacles and challenges.


Nautilus provides a healthy selection of food, restocked every week, to help foster and maintain each client’s new, fit lifestyle. The program as a whole is an exercise in making positive life choices and being proactive in self improvement and self empowerment.


Nautilus clients also have access to yoga instructors who will come teach class on request.   This meditative session helps with anxiety and stress relief, bodily recovery from bootcamp classes, introspection, and craving management.  The instructors, also veterans of a recovery program, interweave tenants of recovery in their teachings.